We firmly believe everyone has the fundamental right to co-create the future. Creating change and taking action is not reserved for the few, but in fact entrepreneurship and social action is a learned skill - a skill that can be developed. We offer carefully curated workshops to guide our participants to explore, play, create, and imagine their role in co-creating for social impact.

If you are interested in seeing our workshops, please reach out - we would be happy to discuss our work with you and share our past workshops. Below are high level descriptions of each session we have hosted. 

 Workshop #1  

Ideation for COVID-19 Pandemic

Social change starts when we can ideate as a community - when we can co-create and imagine the future we want to live in. In this session, we focus on solutions for COVID-19 impacted communities. 

 Workshop #2  

Bonding Together

Many times the first step into entrepreneurship and social impact is a community - a community that aligns with your values to create social change. In this session, teams present their projects related to COVID-19, and social impact advocates come together and connect.   

 Workshop #3  

Empathy Mapping

To understand our customers, we must be able to put ourselves in their shoes - what do they see, feel, say, and think. In this session we take you through empathy mapping and then utilize this tool to build community resilience together. 

 Workshop #4  

Overview on Prototyping

During this session, we go through an overview of hypothesis based prototyping using low fidelity, medium fidelity, and high fidelity tools - as well as have an engineer take you through their  prototyping journey from start to end. 

 Workshop #5  



As a continuation of the previous workshop, we offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to get feedback on their prototypes as well as hear an entrepreneur's story in the early stages of prototyping.

 Workshop #6  

Story Telling

IMAGINEi5 teamed up with a Berkeley Haas leadership coach to teach our social impact advocates the power of story telling. We ended the session with giving other the opportunity to practice their stories.

"The IMAGINEi5 workshops have been amazing. They've really taught me the power of brainstorming in a team, as we were able to come with so many great ideas that I never could have gotten on my own. They helped connect me with some great, like-minded people and I'm continuing to use many of the tools and techniques on my own projects"  
Full Stack Web Developer and COVID Accelerator Lead

 Workshop #7  

Minimum Viable Product

IMAGINEi5 hosted 3 sessions where we paired COVID Accelerator entrepreneurs with appropriate mentors to get feedback on MVPs. This was a no-pressure environment to learn and develop MVPs.  

 Workshop #8  

Social Identity and Social Good

To create great products, we need to consider the limitations of our own perspective. We explore  how considering our privilege, oppression, and bias can help us develop equitable products for our customers. We did not record this session to provide a safe space. We provide the slides in the video.

 Workshop #9  

Social Media Marketing

In this session, IMAGINEi5 teams up with Prisma Media to take you through social media marketing basics - identifying your customer, picking social media channels, and discussing content development for social media. 

"Thank you to the IMAGINEi5 team for creating the space to discuss social identity in our work as social impact leaders and entrepreneurs. Just being able ot have these type of challenging yet important discussion speaks to your leadership. You all have taken a group of mostly strangers and developed a culture for meaningful learning. Thank you!"  
Social Sector Leader  and COVID Accelerator/IMAGINEi5 participant

 Workshop #10  

Marketing Sales Funnels

IMAGINEi5 teams up with Atlanta Creative Company to discuss developing a sales funnel, supporting entrepreneurs to identiy the beginning and end of their sales funnels, and how to measure the success of sales funnels.

 Workshop #11  

Pitching Playground

IMAGINEi5 teams up with Link Coaching to discuss how to frame your pitches as you pursue investments for your company. Following pitching framing, we give entrepreneurs an opportunity to pair up with Venture Capital associates to practice their pitches. 

Coming Soon

 Workshop #12  

Play in Entre-preneurship

IMAGINEi5 takes participants through 'make believe' play to imagine what success can look like for social innovators and their organizations. We start from the mind-frame that our participants have already achieved their goals and now they look back at the steps it took to get there. 

Coming Soon

 Workshop #13  



In this session, IMAGINEi5 takes you through defining culture, identifying organizational values, and translating these values into behavior. 

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 Workshop #14  

Small Business Challenge

During the Small Business Challenge, IMAGINEi5 aids MBA graduate teams through an ideation session for small business impacted by COVID-19

 Workshop #15  

Hypothesis Based Prototyping

IMAGINEi5 supports Citris Foundry entrepreneurs to develop hypotheses about their customers and identify methods to prototype using low fidelity tools. 

 Workshop #16  

SDGs + Entrepreneurship

United Nations released the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 to meet a target date of 2030. The 17 sustainable development goals are a universal call to improve the biosphere, social, and economic well-being of people and our planet world-wide. During this session, we cover, what are the SDGs, why they are important in business, and how you can play a role.  

Coming Soon

 Workshop #17  

Ideation for Beirut

In August 2020, Beirut Lebanon faced an explosion that left many killed, injured, or homeless. During this ideation session, we bring together members and supporters of the Lebanese Diaspora to select one problem and work on a solution.